A downloadable asset pack

This pack contains 48 models for a Pigeon game theme. All files are fbx file format 7.4 binary and I also included a unity pack file for those unity fans.

The models are in a low poly stile and have material embedded color no uv and no texture maps. All characters are game-animation friendly.Models are perfect for a smartphone game, they fit aesthetically very good in a small screen.

All models can be seen in the screenshots section so you know what you will get but to be more clear you can divide the hole pack into four categories: 

1)Characters(the pigeon and enemies-Devil minions,devil,ghost,zombie,floating head)

2)Terrain(mushrooms,flowers,dirt cubes, magma cubes,grass tips,trees)


4)Pigeon-food(breadcrumb,popcorn,doughnut and worm)

Hope this pigeon pack will help you make  wonderful fun games.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file.


Pigeon_Pack.zip 1 MB


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Those are pretty cool! I like bird fountain and the ghost with the wizard hat in particular.

It looks more halloween than pigeon themed to me though. For pigeon theme, it could have big statues, an old lady sitting on a bench with bread, and maybe cats for enemies.

It's a good pack though, I could see people finding use for it! :)


Cool,  don't know when I will be doing more cube stile models but yeah, it is more like a Halloween themed pack. :)